What are the benefits of saving

Since small, we have often been told the importance of saving money and there are many save money tips, and both our parents and family are constantly pushing us to save and invest wisely. It’s clear that saving is important, but do you know why? On All Comment.com, we tell you what the benefits of saving are and how this practice can help you achieve your goals.

Steps to follow:

1. One of the major benefits of saving and the reason why since small we are encouraged to do this is that savings allows us to achieve many of our projects and achieve our goals.

To acquire some high-cost material goods, such as a car, it is always necessary to save money. Saving allows us to carry out important projects such as making long trips, paying courses or studies, among other goals.

2. The gains from our work will be the ones that will allow us to pay for fixed and daily expenses such as services, rent, food, etc. But the money saved will help us in case of unforeseen, with this money we can pay extra without having to borrow money from anyone or run out of cash.

3. Another benefit of saving is having a cushion if for some reason our earnings are reduced, for example, if we go through a period of unemployment, if our working day is reduced, or if for some reason we can not work.

The savings allow us to enjoy financial peace of mind, which becomes very valuable as we move forward in life and want to develop our projects.

4. Although financial institutions offer all kinds of alternatives to buy now and pay later, that is, credits, one of the benefits of saving money is that we can pay for it, we have So no need to go into debt or end up paying interest to a bank.

Once again, saving money gives us the peace of mind that we owe nothing to anyone, not even a bank.

5. But savings are not just for the acquisition of physical assets, or for achieving what you want; they are the perfect way to grow your capital with smart investments.

Whether you choose an investment fund or if you opt to use your money to buy assets that will then take a value, having money aside will allow you to make different decisions to see it grow over time and use it to achieve much more ambitious goals.

6. Do not hesitate! There are many benefits to saving, force yourself to do so, and you can enjoy life with greater financial peace.

Save money while shopping

Make a list
Often you have to throw away food because you forget that, for one reason or another, you do not eat at home as often as you think or buy more than you need. Make a list of what you need, based on the meals you are going to prepare, to avoid buying unnecessary foods.

Buy the right portions
The basic food portions are meat (100-130 grams), fish (130-150 grams), milk (200 cl) and pasta or rice (50-80 grams uncooked). It is easy to calculate the rations you will eat during the week and buy only what you need. This is especially true for perishable foods.

Limit the purchase of cooked dishes
Cooked dishes and processed foods have a very high price, which does not always match their nutritional value. And more choose those at low prices, more likely there is that the taste is not at the rendezvous. Think about it before frantically filling your shopping cart. Buy basic foods, and cook! You will save, and it’s so much better!